Welcome to my travel stories!

Of course, there are thousands of travel blogs floating through the internet – why should you read this one? I’m not even attempting a round-the-world trip after all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join me digitally on my adventures. When planning my recent trips to China, Japan and Russia, I couldn’t help but notice the dearth of info on the places and activities I had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, there certainly are excellent blogs of people who have visited these countries. Unfortunately, most cover the standard cities, don’t speak the language and thus often don’t get past the basic bucket-list-of-cultural-experiences. Or they indulge in diving tours or rely solely on hitchhiking, that sort of thing. Not that there is something wrong with any of that, it would simply feel too streamlined or too reckless for my liking. Plus, after like ten childhood trips to the Baltic Sea, I would gladly never step foot on a beach ever again. Not even for Nemo and corals.


No Nemo here…just acres of bamboo. And stairs. That’s hiking in China for you. The stairs, not necessarily the bamboo.

On my travel style:

While I wouldn’t call myself a budget traveller – but then again, everyone has a budget, the question is, how much is said budget? – I try to keep everyday costs down so I can splurge on some traditional, extraordinary experiences. Plus, in order to be able to spend more time than average at my destination, eating out everyday or even joining group tours just wouldn’t do. Furthermore, I have resolved not to travel anywhere without having studied the language first. I just can’t do pantomime at all, that’s why.

Who I am:

An engineer – currently back to studying full-time – from Germany in her mid-twenties who somehow ended up inextricably connected to China (having worked and studied there several times despite vowing not to return after each trip) after learning Mandarin for the sheer challenge it represents. Later, I branched out into Japanese – hooray for recycling hanzi when learning kanji – and wanted to put it to good use…by travelling through Japan for 52 days. Unexpectedly, a year before that trip, I had found my soulmate in Mr. K, a geeky computer scientist, who, despite discovering his love of travel with me, is the sole reason I probably won’t ever go on a rtw trip. He hails from Kazakhstan, which also meant that in order to understand his secret conversations with my mother-in-law, I needed to study Russian. I suppose you can already tell what’ll be next on my list – a trip to Russia (and later in 2016, Kazakhstan). I love planning trips, but I’m not a particularly organised person in general. I love photography, dancing and weight training, but alas, only one of these is compatible with travelling.

On this blog:

My goal is to give you unusual, interesting insights into China, Japan, Russia and all the places we plan to visit in the near future. I hope you’ll take away some inspiration and travel tips as well as simply enjoy the stories and photos. Anyone looking for infos on what it’s like to work in China will be satisfied as well. Also, my husband and I have been vegans for years (but I have given up on trying to avoid animal products completely while on the road, there simply are situations in life in which perfectionism doesn’t work, e.g. business trips), so we’ll try to provide you with guides on travelling as a vegan. We are looking forward to your questions and comments!




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